Administrative Department

Office of City Clerk

The City Clerk Office has a mission to ensure that the administration of the financial operations, consisting of accounts payable, cash management and finanancial reporting is knowledgeably, professionally and efficiently managed.  Our objectives are to improve information to our customers, provide better customer service, become more efficient in both billing and collections, and accomplish the objectives by making use of new technology.

The City Clerk Office peforms the following functions:

  • Maintain the City's official records, including financial records, contracts, ordinances, resolutions and meetings of City Council meetings
  • Provide the Mayor, Council and Citizens of Bastrop with accurate financial and budgetary information
  • Provide information to the Mayor and Council that will aid their decision-making process
  • Assist departmement heads with the administration fo their individual budgets
  • Manage the City treasury, including cash management, debt issuance and special financial projects, including grants
  • Collaborate with external auditors in preparing the annual financial report
  • Collect various license and permit fees and other monies due to the City
  •  Process payroll, accoutns payable, property taxes and accounts recievable

City Hall
202 East Jefferson Avenue
First Floor, Room 115
Bastrop, Louisiana 71220

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 431
Bastrop, Louisiana 71221-0431

Telephone: 318-283-0250

Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

City Clerk, Sandra Goleman                                                                                                        
Purchasing Director, Amanda Hall
Assistant Purchasing Director, Vergail Vaughn
Human Relations, Monica Austin                                                   


Council meetings convene the second Thursday night each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Hall Courtroom on the first floor and can be viewed live on Channel 7 on Suddenlink Cable.  Webcasts of meetings can be viewed within 48-72 hours of regularly scheduled meetings online at Bastrop TV.



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The City of Bastrop maintains three cemeteries, Christ Church Cemetery, located on South Marable Street, Henry V. Adams Cemetery on Kammel Street and Memorial Cemetery located on Crossett Road (Hwy 425) in Bastrop.  To purchase a cemetery plot, please contact us at (318) 283-0250 to make an appointment.  We will be happy to show you what areas are available and assist you with other burial information.  In order to complete arrangements, please bring payment and the mailing address, social security number and name in which you wish to have the cemetery deed.  Single burial cost is $327.00 and double burial is $627.00.


Individuals wishing to apply for a license to sell  alcohol in the City of Bastrop must complete an application which can picked up in the Bastrop Police Department.  Once that application has is completed and publication requirements have been met, the packet can be retuned to the Bastrop Police Department who will make sure all City codes are met.  Once all requirements are complete, then the Bastrop Police Department will recommend to the Bastrop City Council to approve the license.  Once approved and the required fees are paid, a one-year license will be issued.  All alcohol licenses expire on December 31st of each year.

The following are alcohol licenses issued by the City of Bastrop:

Type of AlcoholCost
Class "A"-----Retail Beer-----Off Premises Only$400.00
Class "A"-----Beer Only-----Retail Dealer, Off Premises$60.00
Class "B"-----Retail Dealer, On Premises


Class "B"-----Beer Only-----Retail Dealer, On Premises$75.00
Class "B"-----Private Club, On Premises Only$500.00
Class "R"-----Restaurant$500.00
Wholesale Liquor Dealer$500.00









All businesses within the corporate limits are required to obtain an annual business license.  "Business" includes any and all businesses, trades, professions, occupations, vocations and callings unless specifically excluded by law.  The license tax must be paid prior to commencement of business.  A business license is a receipt for taxes paid.

The tax amount varies according to toal gross receipts, fees or commissions.  The minimum fee must be paid when application is made.  To complete an application, please register with the Morehouse Sales and Tax office, apply for State and Federal Tax Identification numbers and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the Fire Prevention Bureau, located on the second floor at City Hall.

Type of BusinessFee TableMinimum TaxMaximum Tax
Retail, Sales, Serivice Rentals1  $50.00  $6,200.00
Pawnbroker1  $300.00  $6,200.00
Wholesale Dealers2  $50.00  $7,500.00
Contractors2  $50.00


Lending Business3  $50.00  $3,700.00
Commission/Brokerage4  $50.00  $3,700.00
Public Utilities5  $50.00  $7,500.00
Professionals.1% of Gross  $50.00  $2,000.00
Pharmacies (80% of Gross is from the sale of prescription drugs).1% of Gross  $50.00  $2,000.00
Hotels, Motels, Rooming$2 per Room
Houses, Boarding Houses, and Nursing Homes1/3 Retail

To obtain an application for occupational license, please write to us at:

Occupational License

 City of Bastrop

P.O. Box 431

Bastrop, Louisiana 71221-0431

or pick one up at the City Clerk Office, located at:

City Clerk Office

City of Bastrop

202 East Jefferson Avenue, Room 115

Bastrop, Louisiana 71220

Please call our office at (318) 283-0250 to request the application be faxed to you.

Completed applications may be faxed to us at (318) 283-3335.

For additional information, please call the Ctiy Clerk Office at (318) 283-0250.


An intinerant vendor must obtain a license from the City of Bastrop.  First, register with the Morehouse Sales Tax Office located at 123 East Madison, Bastrop, Louisiana.  Next, complete an application form, submit a copy of a valid driver's license and the $200.00 license fee for a one-year license.  A license signed by the City Clerk Office will be issued.  Vendors who grow and sell their own produce are exempt from this license requirement.


Property is assessed by the Morehouse Parish Tax Assessor.  City taxes are calculated by assessed property value as stated by the Parish Tax Assessor.

Questions concerning the assessed value or mailing address of property should be addressed to:

Morehouse Parish Tax Assessor's Office

P.O. Box 1177

Bastrop, Louisiana 71221-1177

Phone: (318) 281-1802

Questions concerning your City taxes should be addressed to:

City Clerk Office

City of Bastrop

P.O. Box 431 Bastrop, Louisiana 71221-0431

Phone: (318) 283-0250

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There are two types of property taxes:

Real Property: Immovable property such as land, building, etc.

Personal Property: Movable property such as merchandise, furniture, fixtures, etc.

Property taxes are assessed for the current year and mailed out in November.  All property taxes are due December 31st of the current year.  Beginning January 1st, penalties and interest  are added until on Property Tax Sale day on the last Wednesday in May each year.

It is the owner's responsibility to notify the Morehouse Parish Tax Assessor of any changes (address or business closing).

City Taxes must be remitted to :


Tax Department

City of Bastrop

P.O. Box 431

Bastrop, Louisiana 71221-0431

or to pay in person, please come to:

 Bastrop City Hall

202 East Jefferson Avenue, First Floor, Room 115

Bastrop, Louisiana 71220

Please make checks and money orders payable to City of Bastrop.

Parish Taxes may be paid to:

Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office

Tax Division

351 South Franklin

Bastrop, Louisiana 71220 


The Human Resources Division of the City Clerk Office provides personnel administration for all City of Bastrop Employees including job applications, orientation and enrollment, random drug screening programs and employment verification.  Human Resources also administers personnel policies, process and distribute payroll and manage the employee performance evaluation system.  In addition to preparing and maintaining accurate federal, state and local employee records, the Human Resources division  assists City of Bastrop employees with insurance and benefirts, retirement systems and act as an liaison between the active or retired employee and insurance/benefit provider.

The City of Bastrop is committed to providing Equal Employment Opportunties by offering clear procedures that are administered fairly and equally.  For questions regarding employment with the City of Bastrop, please call the Human Resources division at (318) 283-0250 or come to City Hall at

202 East Jefferson Avenue

First Floor, Room 115

Bastrop, Louisiana 71202

to request an employment application.


 The Purchasing Division of the City Clerk Office provides centralized procurement for the City of Bastrop.  It has a mission to purchase and store all property, supplies, materials and services for the City of Bastrop and comply with the legal and ethical requirements of public purahasing and procurement by assuring vendors that impartial and equal treatment is afforted to all who wish to to do business with the City of Bastrop.  It strives to receive maximum value for evey dollar spent by awarding purchase orders to the lowest responsible bidder while taking into consideration quality, performance, technical suport, delivery schedule, past performance and other relative factors.

The Purchasing Division provides City departments the required goods, equipment and services at the time and place needed to perfrom various City services and professionally administers the search for sources to acquire those supplies.  It develops the search for sources of supplies, develops new sources and develops the selection of them and negotiates the purchase of supplies, does follow-up and adjustments.

 The Purchasing Division also handles all communications for City departments, such as pagers, mobile and portable radios and cell hones and manages the storage supplies and suplus equipment until disposal at the City Garage

300 West Madison Avenue

Bastrop, Louisiana 71220

Phone: (318) 283-3371

Fax:       (318) 283-3333

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