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Code Ordinances

If you have any questions regarding Ordinances with Bastrop, or Municode please call:  City Hall at (318) 283-0250.

Code of Ordinances

What is an ordinance?

Unlike laws made by states, or the national government, an ordinance is made by the government of an individual town.  These authoritative laws, rules and regulations are intended to address and resolve local concerns and generally apply to areas within town boundaries and jurisdictions.  Ordinances are generally enacted by a city's council members and when it is passed it usually becomes part of that city's municipal code.

Ordinances deal with important town matters, including:

> Public Health
> Safety

> Welfare

> Zoning items

> Business locations 

> And more...

City ordinances also affect behavior. Often, they will permit or prohibit citizens of the town from engaging in certain activities. Persons who disobey these city ordinances may be warned, or possibly even fined by police or the District Attorney.

Code of Ordinances  (cont.)

Ordinances & Business

City ordinances are particularly important for business owners, as they dictate the location and the type of use allowed for real estate. If a city ordinance says that certain areas of land cannot be used for commercial or industrial purposes, a business owner may have to cease construction or move their existing business to another location. It is always in the best interest of a commercial party to check with City Hall about any existing ordinances before launching any new business endeavor.


Municode is the nation's largest, most experienced codifier. It provides a wealth of legal, editorial, and publishing services for public and private sector customers through this system.

The City of Bastrop also works on the Municode system to catalog every ordinance passed by the town.  All are

welcome to view the Code of Ordinance catalog by clicking button below.

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