Code Enforcement & Zoning

If you have any questions regarding Code Enforcement 

or Zoning please call: City Hall at (318) 283-3308

Notification and Compliance Process

Once an inspection has been done to verify complaint, and notification of complaint to property owner and/or occupant then:

• Conditions of compliance are requested of the property owner and/or occupant to be remedied, within 5 to 10 days (more depending on complexity)
• If the alleged violator admits the violation(s) and requests extended time for compliance, the Code Enforcement Officer may allow an extension if circumstances warrant and/or if a "good faith" effort has been made.
• Occasionally, a second notification letter is necessary to encourage compliance.
• After all attempts to attain compliance are exhausted, a citation will be issued or a non-compliance case will be turned over to the City Attorney for resolution through the court.
• Depending on the violation, the City will correct the violation and the property owner will be billed.

Mission Statement

The goal of code enforcement is compliance, not punishment. Enforcement in Bastrop is used to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment for all citizens and visitors.The Bastrop City Council has adopted City Ordinances specifically designed to address nuisances and to maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community. It is our responsibility as members of this community to help maintain and improve the quality of life. We accomplish this by administering fair and unbiased enforcement to correct violations and uphold ordinances. If each of us consider first what effects our actions may have on other people and property in Bastrop, we can achieve the ideal cooperation we seek.