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Code of Ethics

For information on how the City of Bastrop takes these laws and procedures into account, please contact City Hall at (318) 283-0250.

In the state of Louisiana, there are codes of ethics that have been established by the state government in Baton Rouge. These codes of conduct are designed to ensure public confidence in the integrity of the government. They also ensure the independence and unbiased actions of elected officials and public employees, and ensure that no public office is used for personal gain.In the City of Bastrop, our elected officials commit themselves to these codes of conduct to better serve our citizens and the citizens of Morehouse Parish. When there is a breach in this code, by an employee and elected official, it is called an “ethics violation.” Ethics violations come in many forms, but each one is equally-detrimental to the stability of both business and the community.

Ethics violations can include:


>  Improper Licensing or Certifications
>  Crossing sexual boundaries
>  Conflict of Interest
>  Improper handling of documentation
And more…


For different types of ethics violations, there are different procedures and penalties that can be applied. This will be done by a governing body, most likely Board Members, appointed by the state.

Rules, prohibitions, procedures, penalties, and ethics trainings for the State of Louisiana can all be viewed on the website Louisiana Board of Ethics:

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