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Facility Rentals

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Check venue availability.  If the venue is booked its name will appear on that date on calendar.

New Years Eve
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day

Cancellation less than two days prior to the event will result in the forfeiture of all payments.

The City of Bastrop, or Parks and Recreation Department will not be held liable for any injury occurring while the building is rented, but is the sole responsibility of the user.

Bastrop Municipal Center 

Facilities are reserved from 8:00am to 12 midnight on booking date (holiday exceptions below).  

Tables and chairs are provided for the Municipal Center and Bastrop Technology & Conference Center.  

Kitchen access available for the Municipal Center and Technology & Conference Center. 

All events must end by 12 midnight, except holiday events below, close at 2:00am

A.  MAIN AUDITORIUM                                         (CAPACITY 500 PEOPLE)

Whenever the kitchen facilities are used in conjunction with the leasing of the main auditorium facilities, there shall be an additional charge of one hundred dollars ($100.00).

No fee or charge made for the use of the main auditorium when the same is being used for recreational purposes under supervised recreation conducted by the City Recreation Department or any governmental agency.
    a.  Any person, group organization, school, charitable or civic organization, 
for insurance and liability purposes, will be required          to sign a contract, whether a fee is required or exempted.

For the use of the main auditorium a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the full rental fee is required. This is for holding a booking.

SET-UP AND CLEAN-UP CHARGE: Normal maintenance and setup.

Kitchen Use                              100 people....................$100.00

                                                       150 people....................$150.00

                                                       200 people....................$200.00

                                                       250 people....................$225.00

                                                       300 people....................$250.00

                                                       350 people....................$275.00

                                                       400 people....................$300.00

                                                       450 people....................$325.00

                                                       500 people....................$350.00


10 Tables @ 72" round(no tablecloths)           Long Tablecloths      $8.71

40 Tables @ 60" round(with tablecloths)        Round Tablecloths   $8.20 

550 Red Chairs                                                    Skirting                       $7.17

20 8' long(no tablecloths)                                  Napkins                          .79


100-300               $150.00

300-500               $200.00


$25.00                  EACH ADDITIONAL 50 PEOPLE


Wedding receptions that DO have alcoholic beverages are not required to have police officers.

If alcoholic beverages are in with rental - (dances, etc) at least 2 police officers are required at $20.00 per hour, per officer.


Tablecloths and napkins can be used but the renter should be aware that he/she will be responsible for paying for the cleaning of the tablecloths  napkins before the actual rental.

Tablecloths available for 50 to 60 tables.

MEETING ROOMS:  The rate or charge for the use of a meeting room:

1.  One meeting room, local lessee without use of kitchen $150.00 first 3 hours and $30.00 each additional hour.

2.  One meeting room, local lessee with use of kitchen $200.00 first 3 hours and $30.00 each additional hour.

3.  One meeting room , non-local lessee without use of kitchen $200.00 first 3 hours and $30.00 each additional hour.

4.  One meeting room, non-local lessee with use of kitchen $250.00 first 3 hours and $30.00 each additional hour.

5.  There shall be no charge for charitable or civic organizations or schools to use meeting room.

6.  One meeting room with the use of the kitchen shall be $50.00 for a charitable, civic organization or school. 

Bastrop MC
Bastrop TCC

Bastrop Technology & Conference Center 

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