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Meet the Mayor

City of Bastrop picture of Mayor

Henry Cotton, Mayor

While campaigning I saw fresh hope in people's eyes, and I want to make sure the people see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Any 'community' that government officials have, comes 'from the community' and I am grateful that so many people agree with my vision and support me. I plan to build a unique model for growth using the city's strengths and

seek every opportunity on the communities' behalf.  We have to have all hands on deck because we've got work to do.   I want to provide the hope that the community needs. Since the closure of the International Paper mill, the community has been through a lot.  I plan to be accountable and inclusive. Everyone in the community needs to be part of the decision making for the future.  I plan to bring together nonprofits and churches so that each can learn what services the other is offering and find necessary resources to help.

Also, last but not least, CenturyLink and IBM are 16 miles away and we, as a community, need to be preparing our students for those high tech jobs. Let's get to work!

Mayor Henry Cotton


Dianne Lenoir,

Chief of Operations

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Chastity Kennedy,

Admin. Assistant to Mayor

Meet The Team