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Parks & Recreation

Reserve Tennis/Pickleball Court

Contact: 318-283-3305

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 4:00

Office Location:

City Hall
202 East Jefferson Ave
2nd Floor, Room 224

Bastrop, La 71220

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 431

Bastrop, La 71221-0431

Recreational Facilities

AP Carter Memorial Park (1967)

AP Carter Memorial Park (1967): The largest park in the city's recreational park system. This 25-acre enclosed park is located on Park Loop Drive, Greenwood Street, and Moeller Drive.  Park facilities include:

6 Tennis courts                                                         RV Hookup    $15/night
4 Baseball Fields                                                      RV dump        $10/dump
Picnic Areas                                                              Contact:  (318) 283-3305

The Bastrop Municipal Center   1901 Moeller Drive

Dotson Park (1955)

The second largest park in Bastrop is located at the end of Dotson Street. The Park covers 21 acres.  Park facilities include:

1 Gymnasium
1 Swimming Pool
2 Tennis Courts
1 Baseball Field
1 Outside Basketball Court 
1 Playground

Smith & Wilson Park (formerly East Madison Park) (1927)

This is the oldest park in Bastrop. It is located on East Jefferson Street at Elm and covers 12 acres.  Park facilities includes:

1 Swimming Pool

1 Skate Ramp
1 Baseball Field
Picnic Area
1 Outside Basketball Court

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For more information about Parks & Recreation please contact (318) 283-3305

AP Carter Memorial Park
Dotson Park
Smith & Wilson Park
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